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Fort Frances Lakers Junior A Hockey Team
P.O. Box 76
Fort Frances, ON P9A 3M5

Fort Frances Lakers Hockey Team

The Fort Frances Lakers Hockey Association/Board is a nonprofit organization operating the Fort Frances Lakers Junior ‘A’ Hockey Team;  a grassroots community owned and operated team!  Fort Frances, International Falls and the District are historically established in hockey history and we are constantly looking for opportunities to build on that history going forward.

Our volunteer pool is passionate about supporting a Junior A hockey team in the area.  You will be hard pressed to find a harder working core of dedicated volunteers!  Their collective drive and desire to sustain a competitive Junior A Hockey Team is unsurpassed and impressive.

Fort Frances Lakers Hockey Association/Board Goals

  1. Sustainability – Operate and sustain quality organized Junior ‘A’ hockey in the area.
  2. Financial Responsibility – Operate within a fiscally responsible budget.
  3. Acknowledgement – Continually acknowledge the support of our fans, fund raising supporters, sponsors & volunteers.
  4. Aspiration – Aspire as players and as an organization to grow as individuals and as a hockey team.
  5. Leadership – All Laker’s players and board members need to act as positive role models in the communities.
  6. Go-Local – Buy locally with the area communities to show support for area team stakeholders.

Fort Frances Lakers Association/Board

President:  Gary Silander
Ph: 807-271-1543
email: garysilander@gmail.com
Vice President: Wayne Allen
Ph: 807-276-0616
email: jallen@nwonet.net
Treasurer: Ange Korzinski
Ph: 807-275-5004
email: angie@jam21.net
Secretary: Amy Gushulak
Ph: 807-276-4430
email: amylgush@hotmail.com

Head Coach/GM: Bernie Lynch
Ph: 306-519-5663
email: canadahockeyrocks@outlook.com
Board Members:
John Kotnik
Mary Polz
Ria McPherson
Donna Handburg
Gord Hyatt
Melanie McPherson
Ron MacKinnon
Sarah Kivimaki
Nina Sokoliuk



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