Our Tireless Game Day Workers & Volunteers - Thank You

Game Day Operations:  Wayne Allen
Game Admission:  Joyce Witherspoon, Kim Pacarenuk
Scorekeeper/Timekeepers: Chris Dittaro, Gary Silander, Allan Bliss, Jason Tessier, Travis Enge
Game Announcer:  Sarah Kivimaki
PA Announcer: Melanie McPherson
Billet Coordinator:  Sarah Kivimaki
Sponsorship Chair:  John Kotnik
Draws/Fundraising:  Board Members and Volunteers
500 Club:  Ria McPherson
Little Lakers:  Billie Jo Dittaro
National Anthem:  Adrianna McCoy, Piper Lidkea, Alexis Latter, Liam Dent
Merchandise:  Melissa McPherson
Lights/Horn:  Lakers Players and Youth Volunteers
SIJHLTV Webcast:  Kris Sinclair, Melanie McPherson, Kevin Schulz, Lyndon Hughes
Music:  Melanie McPherson, Kyleigh Ossachuck, Armand Jourdain Jr., Kevin Schulz
Draws: Ria McPherson, Melissa McPherson
Team Photographer:  Clint Bruyere
50/50 Draw: 
Pam Bujold, Freda Carmody, Brenda Allen, Tammy Crowe, Wendy Wreggit
Security:  Pam Bujold
Game Programs:  Blake Bruyere
Website:  Melanie McPherson, Blake Bruyere
Social Media:  Blake Bruyere, Amy Gushulak, Melanie McPherson
Season Tickets:  John Kotnik

We are so grateful for our team of volunteers that work all year to sustain Junior Hockey in our community!